Thursday, September 8, 2011

Buggie Rod

There are pros and cons to owning an intensely alert Doxie.  One con is the slightest noise will rouse them from a deep sleep and cause raucous barking while you are also in a deep sleep.  Though Rod lacks the power of speech, he does have the power that comes with using a long nose to point and was able to convey that there is a noise downstairs in the middle of the night!

I tried to lure him back to bed, but he was having none of it. 

I listened myself, and indeed heard a strange clicking noise coming from downstairs.

Upon further investigation, it seemed like it was coming from the downstairs window.  My first thought was an intruder was trying to break through the window screen. But then I saw it…the lightening bug that could not get his butt to light up, causing it to click.

My fright then turned to disgust and Rod's fright turned to excitement.  He found the intruder!

Once the bug was removed, Rod was able to fall back to sleep in no time, having done his job for the evening.  The threat was neutralized!

However, some of us stayed awake, thinking of all the potential bugs hanging around the house.


  1. I agree:-)

    Feel free to check out these dachshund:


  2. hahahaha, the end had me laughing out loud, that was awesome. i especially love the way you drew rod all curled up on the bed ;-)

  3. We enjoyed this thrilling story, and the cartoons made it even more interesting:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill