Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birdie Rod

Before I begin this story, I should mention I am scared of birds.  Thankfully I live with a professional bird hunter.  Rod knew there was trouble before any of us – very typical. Our first warning came in the form of Rod being newly obsessed with our fireplace.

Really obsessed…

Day 3 and I thought Rod was becoming a serious weirdo.

Then we realized Rod was no fool.  Once again, he had outsmarted us both.

I reacted the way any responsible person does when there is a bird living in their chimney.

There wasn’t a lot we could do while on our lunch break so we vowed to inspect further after work.  Rod reluctantly agreed.

I got home first, unwinding in my usual way.

I carried Rod downstairs and noticed he was more worked up than usual.  I made a quick pit stop in the kitchen before taking him outside.  Then I saw it.  And it saw me.


To be continued...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Host Rod

Rod is not a great host.  He doesn’t understand that sometimes it’s ok for people to be inside the house besides his regular people.  When my besties came for an overnight visit, I wasn’t sure if Rod would be as excited as I was.

He met them with some expected hostility:

But they came prepared with treats and patience:

Rod still wasn’t quite sure though. 

Everyone settled in for the night and Rod apparently forgot about his visitors while in dreamland.

Because the next morning he seemed really surprised to see people in the house.

But this seemed to be the key to his acceptance.  He quickly made them one of his regulars, removing receipts from their purses.

And socks from their overnight bags.

My besties went back home and it was business as usual.  But sometimes, Rod still checks the guest room for his new friends.

Don't worry, Rod!  They'll be back!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Breakfast of Champions

The Sunday morning after Rod’s big racing victory, I settled down in front of the tv ready to enjoy my leftover German chocolate pancakes and Law and Order reruns.  I set my pancakes down and returned to the kitchen to grab the fork I forgot.  This was the scene as I left it:

This was the scene when I returned:

Nothing too amiss, just a few errant almond slivers on the floor.  But there were clearly 2 missing pancakes.

He was so quick I didn’t even catch him doing his signature table surfing(usually trolling for napkins)!

He just casually walked away, hoping I wouldn’t notice.

I guess someone expects to be treated a little differently since receiving a blue ribbon…and I should get used to seeing this face across the table from me:

What are we havin' today?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Racer Rod

This past weekend is the event we look forward to all year – the annual Mid-Atlantic DoxPhest!  Over a thousand doxies from all over the east coast get together for fun, food and races.  Rod has shown a penchant for running so we entered him into the Dachshund races.

First heat:

Won it!

Second heat:

Won it!

Third heat:

Won it again!

Championship finals:

Won it all!

Rod thoroughly enjoyed himself and ran like he was Forest Gump.  He even ran right past me after one heat and went far past the finish line:

It actually took several people to help me corral him:

But Rod wasn’t embarrassed.  Being chased is the best thing about the race to Rod - he’s not in it for the prizes or glory.

He does it for the love of the run.

Go, Rod, Go!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Special DoxPhest Edition Part II!

This guy was sweet!

Doxie carriage!

Love the coloring!

My favorite kind of s'more :)

Typical doxie race!

So fun!  See you next year!

Special DoxPhest Edition!

Here are some pictures of this year's DoxPhest 2011!  We had a great time, loved seeing all the different doxies.  Maybe your doxie will be pictured below!

Lots of doxie merchandise!

Doxies meeting!

Doxie pen!

So many wonderful people and doxies!

Harness line!

So precious!

This was the biggest dachshund I have ever seen!

More coming!