Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bringing Home Rod-y

I wanted my very own dog for forever.  And today was the day I would take home puppy Rod!  I drove to his pet store and could hardly contain my excitement.

In fact, I refused to contain it!

In my excitement, I did not prepare for Rod’s car ride.  I decided it was a good idea to drive home with him on my lap.  “He will love it!” I said to no one.  After 2 seconds in the car, Rod began to claw his way up the front side of my body, then perched on my shoulder, shaking.  He finally settled in this super safe location:

But I didn’t mind that Rod was a bundle of nerves.  He was my little bundle of nerves. 

Rod was so small, he didn’t even have his doxie nose yet.

It didn’t take long for him to gain confidence.

And settle right in.

Welcome home, Rod!


  1. Too cute! I remember getting Milly and Shelby. They were our first "very own" pups, too. Rod was a cute puppy!! I think Doxie puppies are the cutest!

  2. Thanks Maggie! You have some cute doxie pups yourself!

  3. very typical doxie, while riding in the car oscar used to curl up on my shoulder or behind my neck, like a scarf, when he was a puppy