Monday, September 27, 2010

More Food, Please.

Rod waits patiently for his food, hands folded, eyes knowing how to be adorable.  Sometimes I think they just know how to look at you...

But sometimes you still need a minute to dig in...

Rod is also famous for playing tiddly-winks with his kibbles.  Nothing like giving your food a little life before you dive in!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rod's New Harness!

Rod's Fall harness came today!!  I  must admit, I was much more excited than he was.  Thank you to Noodle and Friends for a gorgeous Fall harness!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rod Loves a Challenge

Rod loves a good challenge.  I used to think it was a coincidence that he would get toys stuck under furniture so frequently but more recently I have noticed - relishes the challenge of getting it unstuck.  I actually think it would be more accurate that he relishes watching me get it unstuck from under the sofa, bed, entertainment center, etc.  One thing is for sure - he is excellent at shoving it under difficult places to free it!  I have noticed that Rod is improving in independently freeing these toys.  Impressive work when he can accomplish it!

Video Proof:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Essence of Rod

Is there anything better than a gloriously long dachshund nose?  I love to kiss this schnoz!  (taken with my phone.)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seat's Taken

Rod usually has his own spots that are specifically designated as his.  He prefers corners up against things.  The corner of the bed so he can sleep against me, the corner of the sofa against the arm, etc.  Seldom does he steal someone else's spot - he is very considerate and polite.  I personally sit in the exact same spot so often that my butt has made a dent in the sofa...yes, I know that sounds disgusting.  I am not 1,000 pounds.  Rod sinks into this dent quite nicely and boy does he look comfy cozy.  He looks like a monorail Rod.  This dent was made for a Rod!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

rod escape

Rod is a smart dog.  He uses this to his advantage when it comes to evasive measures, outsmarting humans, and getting those delicious treats he loves so much.  These smarts do not apply to bettering himself, remembering that we will return home after we leave, or being a good boy.  One thing he has learned - I can't fit under the bed.  He can.  He uses the 6 inch space under the big bed as his safe haven; his bomb shelter of sorts.  Since he knows I can't reach him under there, he will take things he knows he is not supposed to have under there - napkins, paper towels, socks (clean or dirty...doesn't matter).  There is a small space under the bed that we can't reach at all.  Even if I am reaching under the bed on one end and Mike is on the other reaching for him, Rod can evade our grasp.  He knows this and he can move fast under there.  Oh, the things we have found under that bed!  Undershirts, athletic shorts, shoes, socks...mostly random articles of clothing that he seems to know we won't notice if they are gone.  Many times I have looked under the bed and thought "what the heck!!!"  There are few things I love more than looking into the bedroom and seeing a bit of tail or that little black nose peeking out from under the bed.

See he uses speed to his advantage:

and here he is coming up:

Monday, September 13, 2010

rod at play

I have  noticed more recently that sometimes, Rod can be a bit of a tease/jerk while at play.  Most notably, while trying to entice you to play with him.  While at first I thought, "oh, he just wants me to throw this toy for him."  Then I realized, "wait, this dog is intentionally enjoying keeping this for himself!"  If he's feeling particularly jerky, he will let you get a full hand on it, then literally rip it out of your hand.  Step forward, jerk back, step forward, entice, lead you on, jerk away.  I have never seen a dog act so human-like in enjoying keeping something from me!  I feel like he laughs a bit every time he's able to allude my grasp and outsmart me like, "tee hee, you can't get this."  See below and judge for yourself.

and here he is, simply walking away in disgust:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

how to have a rod sunday

When having a Rod Sunday, it is very important to be remember to be wild all day long.  Both your buddies will be home on a Sunday, so you need to be extra wild.  You will have a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day to re-energize.  It is also very important to drag out ALL your toys out of your toy box.  If someone puts them back, that's ok.  You can drag them all out again.  Never let your buddy sit down, unless you are ready for your nap.  Bother your buddy with your squeakiest toy for maximum effect, as demonstrated below:
It is very important to obsess over the same toy for most of the day.  Only when you reach the peak of tired are you to take a nap.  Your buddy should sleep with you.  Once you wake up, restart the process until bedtime.  Your buddy will tell you when it is time for bed.  See below for video of playtime:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

rod alarm clock

rod is probably the best alarm clock i've ever had.  although the times he wakes me up can vary greatly, his motivation to wake me is unwavering.  we slept in yesterday until 10:30.  today, saturday, we woke up at 8:52.  the wake-up is silent.  he stands up on the bed; shakes his body awake.  stares at me.  then he jumps off the bed, and that's when i know it is time.

 i try to delay this process, but he stares at me, and shifts his weight from side to side quickly.  then comes the dreaded nose-poke.  and we are awake.

Friday, September 10, 2010

this is rod.

this is roddick:

he is named after the great Andy Roddick.  to avoid confusion in our household during the slams (tennis talk for the big tournaments) we call doggie roddick, rod.  sometimes we call him mr. rod, rod-man, rod-pants, etc.  we do not call andy roddick mr. rod, but i would like him to weigh-in on his nicknames if he happens to stop by.  today, rod met a wheelbarrow and boy he did not like this wheelbarrow.  rod typically does not like anything on wheels but we seldom encounter anything besides bicycles.  rod went nuts on this wheelbarrow!

today we have played with toys and his soccer ball (regulation size).  he also obviously enjoys playing with tennis balls.  more tomorrow.