Wednesday, September 15, 2010

rod escape

Rod is a smart dog.  He uses this to his advantage when it comes to evasive measures, outsmarting humans, and getting those delicious treats he loves so much.  These smarts do not apply to bettering himself, remembering that we will return home after we leave, or being a good boy.  One thing he has learned - I can't fit under the bed.  He can.  He uses the 6 inch space under the big bed as his safe haven; his bomb shelter of sorts.  Since he knows I can't reach him under there, he will take things he knows he is not supposed to have under there - napkins, paper towels, socks (clean or dirty...doesn't matter).  There is a small space under the bed that we can't reach at all.  Even if I am reaching under the bed on one end and Mike is on the other reaching for him, Rod can evade our grasp.  He knows this and he can move fast under there.  Oh, the things we have found under that bed!  Undershirts, athletic shorts, shoes, socks...mostly random articles of clothing that he seems to know we won't notice if they are gone.  Many times I have looked under the bed and thought "what the heck!!!"  There are few things I love more than looking into the bedroom and seeing a bit of tail or that little black nose peeking out from under the bed.

See he uses speed to his advantage:

and here he is coming up:

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  1. Hi Rod, I do the same thing! My name is Noodles