Monday, September 13, 2010

rod at play

I have  noticed more recently that sometimes, Rod can be a bit of a tease/jerk while at play.  Most notably, while trying to entice you to play with him.  While at first I thought, "oh, he just wants me to throw this toy for him."  Then I realized, "wait, this dog is intentionally enjoying keeping this for himself!"  If he's feeling particularly jerky, he will let you get a full hand on it, then literally rip it out of your hand.  Step forward, jerk back, step forward, entice, lead you on, jerk away.  I have never seen a dog act so human-like in enjoying keeping something from me!  I feel like he laughs a bit every time he's able to allude my grasp and outsmart me like, "tee hee, you can't get this."  See below and judge for yourself.

and here he is, simply walking away in disgust:

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