Friday, September 24, 2010

Rod's New Harness!

Rod's Fall harness came today!!  I  must admit, I was much more excited than he was.  Thank you to Noodle and Friends for a gorgeous Fall harness!


  1. You are so cute in that new jumper (not harness, lets not call it that ;P).

    Very handsome there Rod!!!

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx

  2. thank you!! yes, jumper does sound much more pleasant :) good to hear from you, miley!!

  3. Hello there Doxie Rod!

    I saw you over at da Puddles place and rushed over to introduce myself! I am a doxie too...and I have two brudders and a sissie that are all doxies! My brudder Rooney is a Piebald, but he does not have da long luxurious hairs like you have.

    I hopes we can become furrends.....I just love to meet new doxies around BlogLand.

    Minna Krebs

  4. Oh I's late seeing yur new harness!
    I thinks you looks very handsome in it.


  5. why thank you, puddles! mom thinks i make a good model but i'm not so sure i'm on board.

  6. Hi Rod
    You look great in your new harness. Love the colours.
    Ruby & Penny

  7. Rod - You look very dapper in your new fall vest. Perfect for an outing to a pub for some fish & chips, maybe? Mmmmm, fish & chips, we could go for some of those ourselves . . .

    The Road Dogs