Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rod Loves a Challenge

Rod loves a good challenge.  I used to think it was a coincidence that he would get toys stuck under furniture so frequently but more recently I have noticed - relishes the challenge of getting it unstuck.  I actually think it would be more accurate that he relishes watching me get it unstuck from under the sofa, bed, entertainment center, etc.  One thing is for sure - he is excellent at shoving it under difficult places to free it!  I have noticed that Rod is improving in independently freeing these toys.  Impressive work when he can accomplish it!

Video Proof:


  1. Oh Rod!
    I do that too, except you wait patiently, while I whine until somebody helps. :)

    What were you watching on TV??? Anything good?

  2. aww how nice for miley to let you know when help is needed! hilarious!

    afternoons is always sportscenter...but i prefer something more like project runway!

  3. Hellos is wonderfuls to meet a fellow knows, we has to sticks togethers.
    Now bout dis toy is waaaay more fun to watch da peoples go afters them when da ball is stuck...I mean, why else would we gets them stuck in da furst place?


  4. Hello, hello, hello Rod. Nice to meet you. You are such a cutie & we love your speckled white legs.
    We hide our toys under the couch. We love it when mom gets down on the floor with us to get the toys.
    Ruby & Penny

  5. hello puddles! i'm glad i'm not the only one getting those balls stuck. its hilarious to watch mom struggle to get them out!

  6. ruby and penny, its nice to see you two!! we think you both are just beautiful. i never noticed how convenient it is that our couches were raised off the floor. i love it!!