Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bouncer Rod

The more I examine Rod’s behavior, the more I come realize how he views his role in the family.

Instead of my little buddy, he acts more like my personal bouncer.

Whether we’re out on a walk

or hanging out around the house

Rod always has my safety in mind.

I’m just glad he takes a break once in a while.

Thanks for keeping me safe, Rod!


  1. Rod, you gots a very impawtant job and you's does it sooooo well!


  2. My Chip and Rod could be twins- Chip is better than the Secret SErvice!

  3. Awesome job Rod on keeping your hoomans safe and sound from the UPS man, FED-X man and everyone else. Keep up the good work.

    Lily Belle

    P.S. Napping on the job again?

  4. LOL! Nola's the same with me, even though she's 8lbs soaking wet
    Nola's MOm

  5. Nelli is not a security dog - she greets everyone with a happy tail and kisses.

  6. We call it "Dachshund Security" , lol

  7. GruffHello there Rod! I have never seen so many funny animations on a lovely little dog blog - though Deccy's quiet good at it - sadly, we aren't so do enjoy others - you made me and Mummy2Legs smile there - I sometimes run about the garden barking but only for a few seconds here and there - boy oh boy it's tiring work being in the security business -I am told I need to work more on my Happy Face! Don't you go overdoing it now - ah, no worries as I see your not there! Take care, Barnie x

  8. Keep up the good works, Agent Rod. You is doing exactly the right thing!