Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dentist Rod

Since Rod's teeth cleaning I've been trying to keep up with brushing.

Rod feels the same way most of us do about the dentist…

There we go.

He made this poster after being assaulted. 

The toothbrush is still at large.


  1. brave soul . . I have not attempted to get past the finger tool!

  2. HEY! I MAY HAVE A LEAD ON THAT TOOTHBRUSH! i thought i saw it lurking around our bathroom, carousing with the finger toothbrush! if see it, i'll try to catch it and bring it to the authorities.

    ...maybe there'll be a treat reward. hmmm...



  3. I've tried to brush Nellis teeth - with no luck :(

  4. Oh Rod, we feel sorry for you. Muffin just had her teeth cleaned and there is NO way Mommy is going to attempt to brush them. She don't want any holes in her fingers. Muffin would chew them right in half.

    Lily Belle