Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teeth Rod

Rod recently had his teeth cleaned and although I felt bad for him afterwards…

I couldn't help but enjoy his post anesthetic state.

He did however find the strength to raise hell at the neighbor.

Plus look at these nice teethies!!

He did not like that.


  1. Rod, let me say this.... You NEVER should have done this post! You put many ideas into my Mommy's head about having our teeth done now. She is all gushie & mushy over your pearly white's and said see how beautiful Rod's teeth are? You're could look that way too. That better not mean a trip to the V-E-T for Muffin and me anytime in the near future!

    Ugh... Mommy is still going on and on about how handsome you look.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    1. Tee hee!! Have to say I was nervous about the teeth cleaning but so glad we did it! Rod's breath smells soooo much better! Worth it just for that. It was really bad before...but I' sure Lily and Muffin's smells very nice ;)

  2. Chip and Snoopy jusy had their pearly whites done Monday, and on Snoopy's birthday too! We feel your pain!

  3. Ouchie to the tooth thing! {sorry Mom put you through such torture}.....but aren't you really milkin it fur all it's worth? That's ok, Rod. Just keep it up and you'll have Mom so wrapped around your paws!!!


  4. You have such nice, shiny teeth, Rod! I hope you got good treats and cuddles for your ordeal. :-)

  5. Ouch! I don't like those cleaning teeth tortures either!
    But.... yes... your toffies look grrreat!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. You have have priorities, after anesthetic or not ... :)

  7. nice TOOFERS!
    mom and dad say it beats having fishy-breath - even though i don't eat fish!
    plus - even though it stinks getting your teeth cleaned, it only takes ONE good treat to get 'em back to 'normal' ;)



    1. so does Rods!! I always say his breathe is like a sewer at the beach. gross. and it's getting back to that state quickly!!

  8. Rod, your teeth looks good!! I hope I have a teethies like you! :D
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