Thursday, June 14, 2012

Heat Rod

As a sports fan and all around athletic hero, Rod is very excited about the Heat advancing to the NBA finals.

As I spend my days thinking about Rod and the Miami Heat, I find some similarities.

For example:

Their Big 3.

Our Big 3.

Their super human strength.

Our super human strength.

Their lovable weirdo.

Our lovable weirdo.

Their historic playoff stats.

Our historic playoff stats.

Just kidding, we don't have that.

Hopefully Rod doesn’t fall asleep during the game like he does when we watch the Bachelor.

Let's go Heat!!


  1. They should call you SUPER ROD!

    {yawn}...Rod, you just made me want to take a nap after seeing you in the last pic!

  2. Hi Rod!

    You has gotted the Sunshine Award from me, Reuben. Your (invisible) commemorative plaque is available for viewings on my blog.

    Love, Reuben

  3. I see lots of similarities!

  4. My mom loves to watch sports on tv...
    I do what you do in the last picture!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Yip - you cannot tell you and them apart, other than your better looking, more agile, super skilled and dashing! x