Thursday, February 23, 2012

Suspicious Rod

Rod’s toy routine is pretty consistent: get toy, chomp on belly, locate squeaker.

But then a new froggie toy came into his life this weekend.

To say he was weirded out by this change in sound is an understatement.

He hasn’t given up yet though.

He’s just very suspicious of the belly area for now.

I know he’ll conquer this froggie yet!

This will be a very slow assassination...

Bonus Rod Frog Video!


  1. That frog definitely does not make the Standard-Regulation-Squeeky sounds we all know and love. I don't blame you fur being suspicious, Rod!

  2. Just wait you froggie.. Rod will get ya soon :) thanks for the very entertaining pictures :) love your drawings!

  3. Squeaky toys mean a fast victory! They say OUCH and the squeaker is surgically removed....Maybe Rod needs more doctoring skills to take care of this guy!


  4. You'll get it soon Rod!
    Dachshund Nola

  5. Good luck with Mr. Froggie. I hope that you are able to shut him up real soon. I know that you're just playing with him for now, but Froggie BEWARE!

    Lily Belle

  6. What a great frog you have, Rod! You are adorable, and I love your bonus video. Made me bark out loud :)
    Nice to meet you, my little sausage friend. I'm so glad I found your bloggie!