Thursday, February 16, 2012

Escape Rod

Rod is usually pretty good about staying inside when the door is open. So I was quite surprised when one day in our old townhouse Rod was gone in a flash.

I went to chase him but he was already so far!

I decided to go through the house and cut him off at the other side.

But when I got to the front, he wasn’t there either.

Turns out he was much safer than I had feared.

And had run right for his neighborhood buddy Banjo who was out on a walk.

So I took the opportunity to play with my neighborhood buddy.

What a lovely afternoon.

On neighborhood watch.


  1. Oh knew exactly where you were going, didn't you. Glad you all had a fun day!


  2. are such a handsome boy!!! Better not practice that running away too is safer at home with your human!!!

  3. I bet that was scary to your human!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Rod's instincts are obviously perfect!

  5. Rod just knew where he wanna go :) Love the last picture of both of you... its very sweet! Would make a lovely picture for the wall.

  6. So now doxie Rod, you think you are Houdini! I'm sure you gave your Mommy such a fright. I'm glad that in the end you were OK and safe. We too love the picture of you and Mommy sitting there.

    Lily Belle