Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pet Rod

Rod is a dog who knows what he wants. And what he wants is for you to pet him.

Your first mistake will be making eye contact.

Your second mistake will be addressing Rod.

Your final mistake will be your first pet.

After this, you will engage in an endless petting and guilting cycle.

Guests are not excused from this cycle.

Enjoy your Saturday full of Rod pets!


  1. But it's such a hard face to resist!!

  2. Anna Rose does the exct same thing and it works every time- she has her Daddy TRAINED!

  3. The eyes always does it for me! Just give them that little squint eyed look and the petting happens almost immediately.

    Lily Belle

  4. do you know what buddy does,when you stop pettingvhim?
    he scratches your arm like a CAT!!!
    every furbaby has its own way to get his rights!
    the foxbrothermommy

  5. I use da same technique only I use my for tweets instead of pets!

  6. I don't think anyone could resist that face!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. I does that too! See, you gots to be consistent with your nosings of the human hand. You gots to get up under there real good and push hard. Also you no can forget to roll on your back and insistently wiggle your belly up in the air. These things work every time!

  8. But how do you resist?
    Dachshund Nola

  9. i can pet you all day you cute fella!!!