Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hero Rod

I know after the frog incident I said I would only walk in the daytime, but daylight savings is making nighttime walks inevitable.

While we haven’t had any dead frogs on the loose, we do get the occasional surprise barks

and hoots.

But one evening last week we saw something on the horizon that startled us both

and we paused as it approached.

When I realized that it was a dog and headed right for us, I picked up the Rod to give him a height advantage

and braced for impact.

And indeed Rod used this to his advantage.

This heroic act allowed us to continue on safely!

The beast made one attempt to follow us, but it was quickly shut down. 

And into the night we went.

What a hero!


  1. Oh, scarry. Glad you took such good care of Mom. We have lots of beasts runnin' around by our house so my Momma won't even take us out for walks. We have to do lots of walkin in our big yard instead.


  2. Best read on Thursday following Jenna's Wednesday. Time to post videos

  3. Rod, you are truly your Mama's HERO!

  4. thank you!! best. comment. ever.

  5. WOW! You are a hero Rod.. what would you mama do if you are not with her. Height advantage is a genius idea :)

    love them cartoons! You are most hilarious... i was thinking about those blue lines.. *LOL* then i figured must b getting really cold there..

  6. Hi again Doxie Rod,

    Wanted to let you know I received an award the other day from our mutual friend Nola. Check out my blog to read all about it. I hope you'll be surprised when you read it!

    Lily Belle