Thursday, January 31, 2013

Overnight Rod Part II

Our overnight adventure continues.

I assumed that 2 people could control 6 dogs.

That everyone would sleep through the night.

And that my morning would not consist of straight up poop.

That morning, I left the house covered in poop but we got those puppies and extra wiener to their next destination.

And I'd still do it all over again!

Thanks to all the foster families that do this on a daily basis <3

ps - Rod hated this entire experience.


  1. OMD....Almost woofless here! Butt remember...what goes in the day before has to come out sometime. And sometimes at the wrong time!


  2. If anybody asked me to take care of six puppies I would decline - after your experience :)

  3. Poor Rod. He had to endure soooo much with all those extra puppers around. But you did good kiddo.

    We agree and send many kudos to all the foster families in the world!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. DOG BLESS YOU (and other families) for fostering! - especially that many!
    sorry Rod hated the experience. maybe he'll get used to it, and enjoy having company...eventually!

    hope things are getting back to normal!

    - docsdox and family -

  5. OMD, that is a lot of peeings and poopings! I no can blame Rod for his reactions to all of that - I stands squarely on the side of no other dogs entering my house, ever. Or peoples, for that matter. And all of that pee! He has amazing self restraint to no cover all of it up with his own pee. Or maybe he did.... either way, I support you Rod in your difficult time of sharing.


  6. oh my dog, I am so sorry for your crazy experience but i love the comic that came of it :)
    I haven't been on here in a while I love reading your blog. it was just what i needed to brighten my night :)

  7. OMD, that is a lots of peeings and poopings! We no may blame Pole regarding his / her responses to all of this - My partner and i holders squarely along the side of few other puppies entering my house, ever. As well as individuals, as an example. And all of that will golden shower! He's got amazing self restraining to zero cover the whole thing on top of his very own golden shower. Or maybe this individual do.... no matter what, My spouse and i give you support Pole inside your difficult experience regarding expressing.
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