Thursday, October 18, 2012

Runnin' Rod

You may remember that Rod won the DoxPhest races this time last year.

After a couple pre-lim rounds at this year's race, I noticed Rod has a distinctive way of racing: he charges out of the starting blocks and drifts to the center of the track.

Even if someone is occupying the center of the track.

As his coach I feel like I should advise Rod to ditch this strategy…but Rod is clearly the expert here.

This year he successfully defended his title for a repeat win! Here is a clip of his championship run:

Like every doxie, Rod's gonna do it his own way.

Rod: in good company.

More of Rod's race footage is on his facebook page!


  1. gots more energies in your little foot than me gots in me entire body. If me was in a race, me would just hop on the guy in the middle and ride along fur all the glory! :o)

  2. What a strategy! Congratulations Rod.

  3. way to go, Rod! Your stealing-the-center strategy is genius. Also those two doxies in the back - with all of their foots off the ground - is almost as amazing as you! I feel a photoshop project coming on.... oh, and I needs to get some race pointers from you. When I raced at the Wiener Roast last year I decided to run the opposite way of the finishing line.


  4. CONGRATS! i didn't get to race this year 'cuz mom and dad had to work, and we weren't able to train as much as we did the year before last. but i'll be back next year! btw - i do the same thing when i race! BOL!