Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wake-y Rod

Rod has developed his own morning routine and I love seeing what his personal preferences are in life.

He too uses an alarm - to his advantage.

 I’m afraid this routine is heading towards breakfast in bed for the Rod.


  1. Good job Rod on training them how to feed you breakfast in bed!

    Lily Belle

  2. Haaa!
    You have a super morning routine, Rod!
    Me? I wait on the big bed until my mom is ready to go to work. She has to take me in her arms. We go down stairs... directly to my grandparent's home.... I eat my breakfast and then.... I sleep all day long with my grandpa!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Mummy and Daddy2Legs are always on about the virtues of a good routine, they would be thus very pleased to have you in our home keeping them right and showing them how it is done and how a morning should be proceeding correctly to our standards! Gruff Respect to you Rod! x

  4. Good works, Rod! Now you gots breakfast deliveries; maybe next you can gets a cell phone with pizzas on speed dial?