Thursday, April 26, 2012

Twin Rod

I tend to see a little bit of Rod in everything regardless of what it is and when it comes to the following celebrities I know I’m not the only one that sees the Rod connection. I have a talent for identifying people’s celebrity twins and this is no exception.

It's something about the big, beautiful eyes.

Audrey Hep-Rod

Derr-rod Rose

Rod Legend

And the nose connection - Rod Burns.

I just can't help but think of Rod when I see these wonderful faces. I'm sure they'd all be flattered to find that out.


  1. We agree, we agree! Rod, they all don't hold a candle to you my friend! I think you forgot one tho.... RODney Dangerfield.

    Lily Belle

  2. LOL! Great post! Nola's always reminded me of Audrey, maybe it's the eyes and elfish face
    Nola's Mom

  3. You are so good with these drawings.. you just cracks me up all the time! You should write print a book with all these pictures.. :)

    woofs n licks,

  4. The last one made me laugh out loud :D